Fred and his multiple personalities
Can't afford the real thing? (A million dollars for a :30 spot, what was Bill Clinton thinking?) That perfect celeb voice just happens to be dead? NO PROBLEM!

Got an itch to do something really funny for your client? NO PROBLEM!

Can't afford to pay Fred for his work? (We know that won't happen, so NO PROBLEM!)

Fred has over 35 years experience of being transmogrified into almost any personality you want. (Kinda like a Jekyl and Hyde thing...but we'll leave that to Dr. Phil for Fred to "Get Over It".)

Seriously though, you have a project that needs just the right voice? Fred gives you tons to choose from. (Here's a partial list.) Fred offers a competitive fee schedule. He can work at your studio or from his digital studio and deliver his voice via most digital formats. A customized demo can be yours for asking.

Fred is real easy to get hold of. Just try the typical way:

h o m e | a b o u t | v o i c e s | c o n t a c t | l e g a l  s t u f f